Your manager changes your schedule without telling you

Many of us had the moment of showing up to work nice on time or even a bit earlier, maybe to catch up with people in the break room or just to sit and relax before we you go into work.  All of a sudden you then find out that your manager changed your schedule so you come in a later time (wasting your time off you could have spent at home or doing other things, ie sleeping) or that you were suppose to show up earlier in the day and now your technically late to work.


Here are some tips to cope, prevent or minimize this event from happening in the future:

  • Ask your manager if you could review next week’s schedule, the manager may feel as though you are taking responsibility for your daily activities, but really you are trying to find out if they screwed up somewhere.
  • Have a talk with your human resource personnel and tell them that this is not okay and add any additionally expenses or hardships this may have caused such as wasting money on daycare or babysitter, wasting gas, etc..
  • Your manager at this point is embarrassed and might be a bit scared, this is the time to confront your manager since you have more leverage, talk to your manager in a calm manner, always appear to be the victim and tell them what this has done to you.  Take advantage of the opportunity not the individual.

Here are some things you can tell your manager if this happens to you:

  • I not angry but it would have been nice to have been told about the change.
  • I want to forget about this but I feel a bit, a small bit, that you are trying to take advantage of me.  I somewhat think that you were hoping that I wouldn’t notice and that is not okay.
  • I’m fine, everyone makes mistakes but if it happens again I have to talk to HR.

Be civil and kind and you will always get what you deserve.  Always appear to be the victim.

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