Your Employees are Not your Friends

You might have heard someone in the past state that they don’t want to tell someone bad news, because they may not be my friend any more afterwards.  That is sometimes understandable in life, but not in business.  You, the manager, are not your employees friends, nor are you enemies.

It is a difficult balance to not be your employees friends, but not be seen as a ruthless tyrant.  There are a few things you have to remind yourself in regards with the balance of friend and boss.

1. Your employees are an expense.

If you are a business owner, remember that your employees are an expense to your company.  Befriending them will only make it more difficult to let them go when your financials call for it.

2. Your employees talk about you behind your back.

Regardless how good you are to your employees, offering them extra time off for a sick child, attending their family members’ funeral or even loaning them money if they are short paying their rent.  It will not take much for them to switch from looking up to you to then talking about you behind your back.  No matter what you do, they will complain about something about you.

3. It is going to be much harder to fire them or lay them off.

Let’s face it, sometime or another, you as a manager or a business owner need to lay off or fire someone,it’s part of the job description.

I know it’s hard to not become friends with people that you manage, especially if you have known them for decades, but when the time comes to make serious decisions you will then wish that you weren’t such close of friends.

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