Workplace Bullying and its Effect on Morale

Almost everyone has experienced bullying in their life, starting from preschool or kindergarten to the workplace.  Whether you were or are a victim of bullying or have seen Workplace Bullying 1someone getting bullied, bullying is everywhere, unfortunately.

Many may think that once individuals become adults that bullies will stop, that is not so and certainly no so in the workplace.

Having bullies in the workplace has horrible effects in the workplace.  There are many effects caused by workplace bullying, some of the effects are listed as follows:

1. Low Level of Employee Creativity

Many employees that are being bullied in the workplace may become more hesitant to become more creative within their prospective workplaces.  These employees may think to themselves that if they do not try anything new and creative they won’t be recognized around the office and can hopefully stay hidden, away from harassment.

2. Holding Grudges

Many employees that are bullied in the workplace may hold grudges against their bully and may hold grudges or for that fact may hold even bigger grudges against co-workers and management for not helping with the situation that they are dealing with.

3. Higher Level of Employee Turnover

Employee retention may become a big problem if bullies in the workplace are not dealt with swiftly and effectively.  More and more employees may be less likely to work in a place that possesses bullies.


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