Why is Morale and Motivation Important in the Workplace

To answer this question fully it could take forever and an almost endless amount of data and information.

There are many reasons why morale and motivation is important in the workplace.  The reasons encompass the cwhy is morale and motivation important in the workplace 1lients, customers, employees, low level managers, mid level managers, top managers and the board.

The following is a list of the reasons why morale and motivation is important in the workplace:

1. The Sense of Purpose

Throughout this website and within the Morale and Motivation Flowcharts found under the Morale and Motivation Learning Center the word, Purpose, is utilize a lot.

If an organization wants to ensure that their employees have a high level of morale and motivation, then the organization must commit to ensuring that the employees have a sense of purpose at their jobs.  No one wants to do a job that they feel as though their is no purpose, that almost seems insane.

2. Happy Employees may Lead to Larger Revenue…?

Most of you may be wonder what there is a, …?, within this subheading.  That is because companies need to realize that the goal of happy employees is not for larger revenues, larger margins.

Companies should strive to ensure that their employees are happy, so that their is less turnover, less resources expended to recruit new employees and spend time and money on training, more and better retention of talent and so forth.  A company that does not possess happy employees will suffer more over in human resources expenditures than sales over the long run.

3. Raise the Creativity Level

High morale and high motivated employees in the workplace may be more willing to take on tasks that are not expected of them to accomplish or take on, taking a creative initiative.

Employees with a healthy level of motivation and morale may want to work on some ideas that they have thought about that may increase the company’s revenue, reduce time spent in a particular task they have noticed that is poorly optimized and maybe create ideas for customer or client retention.

Why would employees want to do extra work for no extra pay you may ask?  Employees that are happy with the place they are working are most likely happy to take on new and exciting challenges.  This could be very beneficial for companies that are suffering in their Research and Development departments or their Think Tanks.

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