Why do Managers end up doing the Work Themselves

No matter how much you motivate or how much you inspire your employees to do their job effectively and efficiently, at the end you may be the one doing their job for them or having to complete their job for them.

So why do us managers do such a thing?  Other people get paid to do their jobs but occasionally or more often than not, their managers have to complete their jobs for them.

Granted those employees that are consecutively being told to finish their job in a timely manner are most likely headed to the unemployment office, but why do so many employees think that they can get away with it and more importantly why do so many managers allow this to happen?


Some managers may be simply afraid to confront their employees.  If this is the case, then that manager may need to find some other type of employment and if the manager is the owner of the company, maybe he/she should not have decided to become an entrepreneur, simple.  Some managers are afraid that they feel like they are pushing their employees too far by asking them to fully complete a task that they were assigned and if they ask them too often to do their jobs, then they may quit.

Poor Charisma

Some managers have a poor level of charisma, there are some people in this world that were not born with the gift of being charismatic.  That is one gift, that if one person possesses will go very far in their career.  That is if they know how to focus their attention on it.

I Don’t Mind… 

Yeah right, I don’t mind…  If you as a manager are paying someone else to do a job that they were tasked to do and you had to finish the job for them because they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) complete it and you state to yourself OR WORSE to others that you don’t mind.  You will appear weak and a push over.  Your other employees may or will follow suit with the lazy employee and will not finish their work as well and expect you, as the manager, to complete the work for them.


There are many other reasons why a manager may think to themselves that they should end up doing the work themselves, following the notion of – If you want to get the job done right, then you have to do it yourself.

The Manager needs to sit back and look at what he or she is doing while they are doing someone else’s job.  You are paying someone to do their job and you are doing the job yourself.  This is a simple wake up call and saying that you as a manager need to step up and place accountability towards your employees, that you are not going to do their job for them and that if you do their job for them you can find someone else to take their jobs.

Trust me, in this economy, there are many people willing and able to take their jobs from them.

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