Want it done right you have to do it yourself

If you want it done right… You have to do it yourself.

As managers you have enough on your plate as it is, let alone completing your  employee’s work as well.

There are key elements that may help you spread the work load and ensure your employees get their jobs done with little or no intervention from you as manager.

The following is a list of those key elements:

1. Plan your workday the night before.

By having a plan the night before you can work in your head what the top priorities are, which in turn will make you more prepared and less anxious, especially when life hits you and throws you curve balls that steers you away from your plan.  Just remember that you created a TOP priority list and what is on that list is what’s most important.

2. Require Updates

As a manager you don’t want to hover over your employees to ensure that they are doing their jobs, let alone have enough time to do that anyways.  But you do want to know how their work is progressing.  Require of your employees that they give you daily or weekly updates, via face-to-face or email, on how their day or week went, work they completed and work in progress.  By requiring updates from your associates you demonstrate to them that you are holding them accountable and are interested in how their day or week went.  Communication is key.

3. Follow Up

When you have an employee that has more work in progress or work incomplete than compared to completed, as a manager you need to promptly notify that employee and request on why they are experiencing poor performance.  Conducting these follow ups will help ensure that the employees finish their work on time and tells the employees that their boss is watching.


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