Time Management is Sometimes Unrealistic

Any employee in any type of organization, for profit or nonprofit, needs to utilize a solid set of time management.  But why is it, typically, not utilized correctly or some try to use it and it goes out the window?  There are many people out there that try their very best to manage their departments the best they can while following a schedule, but sometimes or more often, time management becomes less of a priority.

Customers keep bugging you, co workers asked you too many questions, right when you sit down your phone rings, etc. etc. etc..

Practice, Practice, Practice.

An individual that wants to have an all rounded life and work life needs to practice proper time management within every aspect of their life.  If they have poor time management at home (a great time to practice time management by the way), then they will most likely have poor time management at work as well.

You need to move mountains to create rivers.

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