Take notice of what your employees do for you

Managers and business owners have come to me in the past seeking advise and they all state similar scenarios: I don’t know why my employees are unmotivated?; Why does my company have such low morale?; etc. etc. etc..

KISS IT (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I tell them, Well do you acknowledge all of the work they do for you?

Typically the answer that I receive is No.

How else are employees going to build their self worth and self confidence if they feel that the work they do is not good enough, because that is how they feel when management does not acknowledge their hard work, especially if their work was well above standard.  Now I am not stating that your praise their work, but you at least tell the employee(s) that you noticed what they did and you appreciate it.

The Answer is Simple

Rather than dragging this article out, the answer is short and simple: Acknowledge your Employees.

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