Respect Your Reputation

Respect your reputation, one of my favorite and most used sayings.

If only the entire world, individuals, companies, governments and so on would respect their own reputation, this world would be a better place.

Think about it

Think about it, how many people that you know respect their reputation?  Respecting your own reputation refers to how someone feels about how they are viewed by others.  For example, if someone at your work is lazy, doesn’t care that they are lazy and also doesn’t care that others notice they are lazy, this is obviously someone that doesn’t respect their own reputation.

Eye for Laziness

It is extremely easy for people to pinpoint other individuals that do not respect their own reputation.  Groups will gossip about low performing individuals and give those lazy individuals less respect.  With that being said those lazy individuals still go about being lazy and don’t care what others say about them, further expanding the evidence that they do not care about their own reputation and how others perceive them.

Laziness is becoming More Common

I personally have notice that more and more people are simply not caring about what others think of them.  They go about their lives, work as little as possible, below standard and do not care at all what others think of them.  How can you motivate others that have work ethics such as this?  Even more importantly, how do you keep the morale high of others that notice these employees that do nothing, take long, numerous breaks and have nothing done to them in the form of HR actions?  You would think that the remaining hard workers will become fed up and have lower morale and may seek other employment, you my loyal readers are correct.


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