Picking Up Manure and Still Motivated

There are many individuals in the workplace that part of their occupation is picking up bags of manure and loaded those bags into customers cars, these occupations could be found in the retail industry, specifically home improvement stores.

Keep Smiling…..?

How is one going to stay smiling and keep motivated if they have to load bags after bags of hot, smelly manure in the heat, under the sun, into customers vehicles?

Picking up Manure and Still Motivated 1If a manager can have their employees motivated while they are conducting such a grueling task, this manager will be sought after and looked highly upon.  People will think to themselves on how someone could motivate people to do something that no one wants to do.

Let’s input another variable into this topic, the word: Purpose.

It will become very difficult, exponentially difficult if you, the manager, the supervisor try to motivate employees, subordinates to do something if they feel as though they do not see the purpose in what they are doing.

Let us keep in mind that Purpose is one of the key factors into the level of morale and motivation within every individual, regardless of their position within a company or organization.

How would anyone instill into their employees that your Purpose is this manure?  Employees may not even want to listen to you, the manager, trying to convince them that their purpose is this manure.

A Generic answer from an average manager would be: I will show them that by doing what they are doing, they are helping the customers.


Nice try, Run Of The Mill Manager, we’ll call you ROTMM from here on out.

Well what ROTMM doesn’t realize is that his or her employees are PICKING UP MANURE!!!  They do not care about the customer at this moment.  Matter of fact being told just to do this job will make them hate the job, the customer, themselves, their lives and so on (this statement is purely subjective), but picking up manure for quite a bit of your day may make someone think about the choices they have made in their life.

This is why flowcharts and logic is needed, something management being an art, is limited and needs the inclusion of science, hence flowcharts and logic.

At this time you may be thinking to yourself on how would you motivate individuals that have to do such a grueling task.  You might be developing ideas on how you would motivate your employees.  By you actually taking the time and logically thinking about how to accomplish such a task, makes you that much better than ROTMM.

There will be an audio and video segment about this topic in the near future as well.  As well as the topic of an ebook.

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