My Employee Threw Me Under the Bus, Now What

What a great feeling it is to find out that the employee that you train, work with, joke with, etc. has thrown you under the bus.

It always amazes me that someone can simply use your name with malicious intent, even after you let them borrow money, covered their sick day, etc..  Doesn’t the employee have any shame, class or even emotion?

What is going in the mind of an employee that will drop your name, the manager, into an argument or ill-discussed discussion?

Reasons why the employee may do such a thing:

1. You did something that you didn’t realize that offended the employee.

2. The employee is jealous of your success.

3. The employee is a cancerous contagious complainer.

4. The employee doesn’t care about you.

5. The employee is known to constantly make excuses.

There can be many, many more reasons why your employee is malicious towards you.

Now What?

So you come to the conclusion and the realization that your employee doesn’t like you and talks behind your back whenever they have the chance, now what?

Ways to go further:

1. Ignore it, simply let the employee do what they are doing (not the best advice)

2. Confront the employee that you are aware of the slander they have been spreading (CAUTION: Do not give specifics since they will try to find out who told you and retaliate.)

3. Inform Human Resources about the issue.

4. Ask HR rep how to go about correcting this issue.

5. If the employee has valid points, such as if it was stated you are lazy, etc., try to correct these aspects of yourself, this may in-turn help you gain respect among your subordinates.

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