Money Incentives for Employees

Throwing money at anything and everything is always the answer, right?

Money does solve many things.  It’s the Sales Cures All Effect.

Does that mean that you give out gift cards to your employees for every exceptional act they do, well that depends on you as a manager.  Do what you want, if you think that your employees deserve, then do it.  If it makes you happy and your employees happy, do it.

Pay Close Attention

Pay close attention to your employees that have received the gift card AND the employees that did not.  Were the employees that did not receive a gift card happy for the employee that did receive one or seem fake or have factitious reactions when they were celebratory towards the winning employee?

Again, pay close attention to your employees reactions after you tell them that they are going to receive a gift card.  Were they ecstatic, did their reaction seem over done, was it genuine, did you find the gift card sitting on their desk after they left work to go home, etc.?

Giving out monetary incentives could help you, as a manager or boss, gain important information on the morale, politics, mood and much more in your office or department.  Of course, giving out money incentives to your employees may raise the level of morale and motivation, but only for a temporary amount of time.

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