Military Motivation

Military and Motivation are getting harder and harder to reach the level that most commanders and sergeants would like to see in their squads, platoons, companies, battalions and divisions.  Especially where military deployments are becoming more and more frequent and servicemen and servicewomen are having to spend less time with their families.  How is motivation going to be improved if these men and women are not happy and many are simply depressed.

Military Motivation 1

Questions that individuals in higher ranks may ask themselves when dealing with a group of low motivated servicewomen and servicemen:

  • How can I raise the level of motivation if some of my subordinates are going through a divorce?
  • What can I do to ensure that the level of motivation stays high?
  • Why are my subordinates experiencing low motivation?
  • Is the reason why my subordinates experiencing low motivation because of me?

In the midst of deployment a leader will ask themselves these types of questions and many more that revolve around motivation.

How do you motivate individuals that have just seen their fellow servicemen and servicewomen killed in the line of battle, let alone the issues that they may be experiencing in back home, divorce, family illness, death in the family and more?  You have to trust that their minds are in the game, so when shooting breaks out, that their minds are with the battle not home.  This could be a very difficult ordeal to take on and ensure that it is corrected to a healthy level.

Potential Solutions:

1. Look at Yourself

How can one motivate others when they are not motivated themselves?  To learn more about how to motivate yourself read through the collection of articles focusing on the topic throughout this website.

2. Think Logically

There is no where in the world of business where thinking logically trying to raise the level of motivation is more important than in military.  If A, then B or If A, then B, else C, else D and so on; this concept is ideal for devising avenues of approach to discover underlining issues on why there are low motivation levels in your company.  Within, there are Flowcharts that focus on the thinking logically with motivation in the workplace.

3. Be a Role Model

If you are placed in a leadership position most of your subordinates may be younger than you.  It would be an optimal approach to demonstrate to your subordinates how things are done, not just by telling them but showing them as well.  This will help build the confidence level within your subordinates greatly, which is ideal especially if you are deployed.

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