Managers with Anxiety

For many workers, doing your daily job tasks is difficult enough, but to add a manager that has an anxiety issue compounds on those issues.

When you know you have a manager with an anxiety issue:

– Always anxious

– Always worried

– Has to have the last word

– Gets startled easily

– Micro Manages

If you notice that your manager has these symptoms, run away… just kidding or maybe not…

Managers that have these types of issues, if it is not a medical or mental problem, feel as though they have too much on their plates.  Some may also be non-adept to be a manager.  Most managers that have this issue have poor time management skills as well, which makes them even more anxious since they are procrastinating.

If you, as an employee, are a type of person that likes to help people, then here are a few tips to use to help your anxious manager or boss:

– Prove to your boss or manager that you can handle your job and more.

– Take some of the burden off your manager’s hands, if there is an email that needs to be sent out, but the manager needs to find information to create the email, look for the information and give it to them.

– Simply tell the manager to keep calm and everything is going to be okay and that you have my support.

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