Managers are Judged by How Good their Employees are

“John, your new associate Jenna is amazing.  She is focused, committed and already has confidence.  How is it that you always have the best associates?”

Have any of you heard something like this before?  Someone coming up to you as the manager and saying that they are very impressed with your employees and that it must be from your awesome management skills.

Granted, some employees, new or old, are just awesome, without a manager’s intervention.

An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

There are many, if not all, people (customers, employees, managers, etc.) that judge a manager by how well their employees work and their employees behaviors.

Here are 3 key points that will make you have a high reputation as a great manager:

1. Positive Reinforcement 

Associates will more than likely perform better when their direct supervisor provides them with positive reinforcement.  The manager always has to remember to say something nice to their employees almost everyday, if not the employees will resent their leader.

2. Continuous Training

Practice, practice, practice.  Employees minds and behaviors always need to molded to hit the peak of their performance.  Also, the manager needs to keep updated as well, so they can be revered as a beacon of information when employees have questions.

3. Immediate Feedback

How else is a employee going to learn from their mistakes if their manager takes over a week to tell them what they did wrong.  Also, the manager should not take a week or more to congratulate their employees achievements.  If the manager has feedback for them employees, then they have to provide that feedback as soon as they can.

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