Why does dealing with morale and motivation issues have to revolve around the notion that it is an art?

Yes, dealing with employees, bosses, clients, customers and any other human being in the world, one must possess a good level of social skills and charisma, both skills that call upon the side of arts.  Meaning that there is grey, grey everywhere.  Where there is no use of a flowchart, since the flowchart may or will become infinite.

Why not consider the science of dealing with other humans?  As human beings we have to deal with other human beings till the end of our days, that is a given, so why .  Meaning that there is black and white, not just only grey.  If (A), THEN (B, C, D, E, F, G, H….) and so on.  Also, If (A), ELSE (B, C, D, E, F, G, H….) and so on.  True, that this idea may create a very large flowchart, but the flowchart will or should come to a concrete solution, in an (X) amount of time, rather than continuing infinitely.

Dealing with employees and any other type of individual should have the use of art encompassed within it.  Although the ones that utilize science, in correlation with art, the results will become outstanding.

“It’s only logical.” – Spock

There are many in this world who are known for having a “gift,” “talent,” or a “skill” in working with other people, discovering issues, how to resolve issues and so on.

This is where logic can come into play.  Much like a computer code written in Python, C++, C#, Java or Javascript.

Click any of the following phrases to view an Advanced Flowchart to help guide you in forming a plan to resolve current or potential issues that you may be experiencing in the workplace with Morale and/or Motivation.

Low Morale Detected (WIP)