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Employers dealing with a workplace experiencing low morale and low motivation is difficult enough as it is, not including the adverse effects it can cause.  One of the main duties of a manager, supervisor, organizational leader or even a CEO is to ensure that their workforce has a healthy level of the morale and motivation.

Companies are Stuck

More often than not, even if a company or any other type of organization employees experience an unhealthy level of morale and motivation, the company will suffer high employee turnover, lower sales, human resource issues and many other types of issues that could come from employees that simply are not happy and are not motivated.

Wide-Spread Issue

Morale and Motivation issues are experienced all around the world in all different workplaces, whether it be a non profit, corporation or any other organization.  Yet, many organizations do not deal with the issues of low morale and low motivation of their employees.  Many do not know where to even begin to deal with issues caused by these two issues.

Cannot Find Learning Resources

Since morale and motivation are such a big issue and can cause bad effects if a healthy level of these two are not met, then why is there not a place to go where managers, supervisors, chairman, organizational leaders and many other people that are in a supervisory position can go and learn the tools they need to help them overcome issues of low morale and low motivation among their subordinates?

Finally a Resource – The First of its Kind

To meet the demand for many individuals in supervisory positions the creation and the ongoing development of morale and motivation information and creative ways to transmit that information to many people around the world.

That is why the Morale and Motivation Learning Center was created.  Although MoraleBoost.org does offer a great amount of information with blog articles, there is still a need for more information that many people need.

Individuals can learn morale boosting techniques, ways to improve motivation in the workplace and much more.

The following are ways that employers can learn and train themselves to become better prepared when dealing with issues of morale and motivation in their workplaces.

Fun Interactive Tests

Morale Monkey Fling

Morale Monkey Fling





Low Morale Detected Diagram

Advanced Morale and Motivation Flowcharts



















Alpha – Artificial Intelligent Employee

Alpha Artificial Intelligent Employee

Alpha Artificial Intelligent Employee