Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last.

It is a great concept to think about.  Knowing that your boss letting you take your lunch first, ensuring you get the first fresh cups of coffee, helping with the endless phone calls, etc..

But how many managers, bosses or leaders actually eat last?

It is a shame that many leaders do not eat last, they do not let the employee leave a little early to help the employee if they have to get their children early from school, taking over some of the employee’s workload, etc..

Managers need to realize that their organization is only as strong as their weakest link.  Now, the manager doesn’t need to do their employees work for them, but when you, as a manager, notice that your employees are heavily burdened can do a few things to elevate that said burden.

The following are a few ideas of what a manager could do to help their employees:

1.  Recruit interns that can help with monotonous tasks.

2. Give employees one hour per week to purge out their business email account of old, non-important emails.

3. Give employees one hour per week to let them do what they perceive are their highest priority in the job, in order for them to catch up.

Reality Check

Managers cannot do everything for the employee, they might be extremely busy as well.  Great employees will recognize that fact and not prejudge their bosses if they couldn’t help with the overload amount of work that they have on their desk.  This article is for the employees that have managers that do not bring much to the table and still won’t help employees.

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