Intimidation in the Workplace

Intimidation in the workplace is more common than many think.  Intimidation could be done in the form of threats, blackmail, rumors or even violence.  Many forms of intimidation could be more subtle such as provoking fear into another person or making someone else feel inadequate.

Here is an example of intimidation in the workplace: A manager threatening to fire an employee if a certain task is not completed to her or his liking.

Intimidation in the WorkplaceFocusing on the above example, some may say that this is necessary so that the manager can ensure that the organization and its employees are working to the most of their abilities.  Regardless of what the reasons are to threaten an employee’s future in the workplace is bullying and is intimidating.

To add on to that example a manager that does not allow for the employee to state their comments on certain issues, ideas, etc. is a form of intimidation.  If an employee tries to explain an event to their manager and the manager does not allow or listen to the employees comments, then that constitutes that the manager thinks less of the employee and may be trying to make the employee feel inadequate at their job and maybe as a person.

Managers may feel Inadequate themselves

Sometimes managers tend to intimidate their employees is because they themselves feel threaten by their own employees.  The manager could him or herself feel inadequate when they compare themselves to their employees.  An example of this could be where an employee can conduct a certain job task  that exceptionally well and that the manager cannot even begin to think of how they are going to start to attempt the job task.  These job tasks could be closing a big deal with a client, being more charismatic, etc..

Sexual Harassment & Sabotage

There are worse forms of intimidation in the workplace, such as sexual harassment and sabotage.  These two forms of intimidation are more common that many believe (unfortunately).  Sexual harassment and sabotage are, in many people’s views, the worse and most harmful forms of intimidation.

The Effects on Morale

The effects on morale could be closely compared with other factors that effect morale, but intimidation in the workplace takes another toll that many other factors do not.  The toll that it takes on the individual that is experiencing intimidation is the feeling of inadequacy.  Most, if not all, people do not enjoy the feeling of being inadequate and that is exactly what intimidation in the workplace can do to someone or a group as a whole, bringing on low morale at work.

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