3 Tips On Improving Employee Morale

For Improving Employee Morale, the employer must look at themselves before they can judge as to why their employees have such low morale, by doing so the employer may discover ways on  improving employee morale.

– Dime a DozenImproving Employee Morale

Many employers think of their employees as temporary expenditures.  Employees can be easily replaceable.  If employees feel as though they are easily replaceable, then they will experience symptoms of low morale and may demonstrate lower productivity.

– Cheaper to Retain

Having a business that has a high level of employee turnover will typically spend more resources on advertising, interviewing and conduct training with new hires.  The human resources department will have most of their compiled of orientations and paperwork for the new hires, so when current employees have inquires about their pay, medical, raise, promotion and so forth, the human resource department cannot answer them in a timely manner.  Current employees get frustrated on how they have to wait for paperwork to be completed, the human resource department will be frustrated at how much back log of work they have and new hires may become anxious wondering why it is taking so long to start working.  If employers do not perceive their employees as expendable and decide to focus more attention on their employee’s level of morale, then there may be less employee overturn, due to current employees being happier.

– Create Perks

Everyone loves free things, especially if they worked hard for them.  Offering employees perks such as free lunches, barbecues  taking everyone out for dinner at everyone’s favorite restaurant will help improve employee morale.  Offering incentives and bonuses are also great perks to offer employees.

Here is a post where you will find more information and help in discovering some of the Causes of Low Morale.

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