I’m starving, so why are my employees not hungry?

As great managers and leaders, at least one of the best ways to become successful, would be passionate and hungry with what they are doing. Also, many managers or leaders hopes everyday that their employees will feel the same on their job. Low morale and disengagement from employees is widespread and very real, it is a very large issue that is not successfully addressed or in some cases at all around the world.

There is no list I can create to form an acceptable guideline to help guide leaders or managers with employees not being passionate about their jobs or being completely disengaged. What I will do will be focusing more on the on this topic from now on and doing more creative and innovative approaches to help individuals, employees and management, receive the guidance or the answers they are searching for in regards to discovering, finding the key and finally opening the door(s) to employee engagement and their passion level.

A Few Tips Regarding Employee Disengagement

1. Managers and Leaders need to demonstrate engagement themselves. Employees will not even begin to display any level of job engagement, unless they are preparing to take your job.

2. Focus some attention on the employees that currently possess a high level of passion and engagement. By doing so you as the manager or leader can take notes to try and find out why they are so engaged and others are not; you might be surprised with what you discover.

3. Sometimes you have to take a human resources perspective on the situation and try to figure out if pay is the issue, is there harassment at work that you are not aware of or if human resource employees are a bit easy with the interviews of said poor engaged employees.

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