I Enjoy My Position, But I Don’t Enjoy My Job

I enjoy my position, but I don’t enjoy my job.

That statement seems rather odd to state, but many workers throughout America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world feel.  They feel as though their jobs are getting in the way of the core position in the organization or company they work in.  They feel as though they were hired for a certain, specific position, but their job is far from what their core job duties entails.

Position is the Key

If you state that you enjoy your job, but not your position.  This statement would definitely confuse others.  Think about it, someone can say that I love being the president (position), but I don’t like how hard the work is (job).

What is an Employee to do

If this article is hitting dead target with you, then you may be happy with your position, but not happy with what the job duties entails OR what side, distracting duties that are piled onto your daily work activities that have nothing to do with your core duties that were initially presented to your in your employment orientation.

1. Write your job duties down

You as the employee need to read on what your position’s job duties are and write on a piece of paper all other duties that you are doing for the company or organization that you are working for.  If sending out faxes for your department was not on your job duties, then write it down.

2. Wait 24 hours

After you are with your list of extra job duties, do not go through the list, don’t even look at it, once you are done fold the paper up and place it in your purse or pocket.  Come back to the paper the next day and read through the list and if at the end of the list, you can feel that you are building your anxiety, then the extra job duties are overwhelming, causing anxiety and lowering your motivation and morale.

3. What to do if it is just too much

Employees are expected to do more than their core job duties, can’t get around that.  You do not want to be the one to tell the boss, no, when she/he asked you send out a fax for them when they are very busy (assuming that faxes are solely the secretary duties).  Where do we find the balance?  That is the ultimate question, throughout business and life.  You, yourself need go through that list and figure out which duties make you feel overwhelmed and let your boss aware about them.  Maybe they can have the duties shared among the group and not solely on your shoulders.

The ones that keep their heads up high will never see what is beneath them.

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