Great Employee Recognition Ideas

Conducting Employee Recognition with your staff is a great way to show that you, as the supervisor have noticed the hard work that your staff has done and also shows the staff that you are thankful and that you take notice.  Here are some Great Employee Recognition Ideas.

1. Call an Employee into the Office.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Not many employees like to get a call from their supervisor requesting to come into their office but when the employee finds out after entering the office and being seated that instead of a negative meeting, it is about praise.  This will bring a good feeling to the employee and would most certainly make them happy for the rest of the day or maybe even longer.

 2. Thank You Notes

Don’t just send an email, take the time and write a thank you note to the employees that have been working very hard and have been working long hours to ensure that the job is done  accurately.  This will demonstrate to the employees that you, the manager, understands how much time they put into a particular project and that the extra long hours did not go unnoticed.

3. Involving an Employee in an Important Meeting.

By invited an employee to be involved in a meeting that they would most likely not be a part of, the employee will feel that they’re trusted and that their opinion matters since they were allowed to be involved and give feedback in the meeting.

These are all Great Employee Recognition Ideas.  There are many more ways on How to Improve Employee Morale throughout

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