Employee Low Morale and Motivation in India

It is well known that the country of India has many issues with employees with low morale and motivation levels.

Why is that?

Is it low pay?

High and dense population?

Anger issues?

Disrespect between managers and employees?

Disrespect between employees?

Extreme Injection of countries Outsourcing to India?

As of July 27, 2014

22.22% of visitors to MoraleBoost.org comes from India.  Consistently in the number 2 spot, behind the USA and well ahead of the UK.

The visitor demographic of the top 2 cities in India surpass all other cities in India by a significant margin, the numbers are as follows:

1. New Delhi

23.81% of India’s visitors

2. Mumbai

17.36% of India’s visitors

Over 41% of the citizens of India visit MoraleBoost.org for morale and motivation topics comes from only two (2) cities.

Granted the population of these two (2) cities is very large, almost 30 million people.  Also, I can only assume that many rural places in India do not have significant access to technology.  One thing is for certain that the morale level and the motivation level are low in India.

The keywords that are used from the citizens of India also is key aspect to mention, the following are just a few of the keyword searches that are entered and are directed to MoraleBoost.org:

Bullying in the workplace

Not trusting your boss

Not trusting your employees

Not trusting your coworkers

And many more daunting keywords as well:

Afraid, Angry, Revenge, etc.  

Definitely some eye opening and scary words.

All of this data has shed some light for me on International morale and motivation levels of employees and management.  I will definitely study and focus more attention on the causes, direct and indirect factors that are associated with morale and motivation within the country of India.

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