Embrace the Laziness Around You

Laziness, it seems that it is all around us.  Slow moving shoppers in front of you in the mall, acting as though there is no purpose in their lives and don’t care who is waiting behind them.  People that do not at least start to write a check out to a place of business and instead start writing a check from scratch after they hear the amount (who uses checks anymore anyways).  Also, who can forget all of the lazy people that don’t place shopping carts back into their respective areas and just kick the back of them so that they can lift from the front and place them over a curb.

Then there are those that are completely lazy at work.  The ones that never finish tasks, find excuses, take 40 minute breaks, etc..  What do the hardworking employees do that are surrounded by these lazy associates, they talk ill about the lazy employees, ask why doesn’t management do something about this and so on?

Take Advantage of the Moment

The question they should state to themselves is, What can I do to take advantage of this?

The corporate ladder is a difficult one to climb, but there will be less steps to climb on that ladder if your competition (co-workers) are lazy.  You will appear as though you are a star employee, even if you only do just a bit better than the regular standard duties of your job daily tasks, not above and beyond, just a bit better than the boss or manager is requiring of you.

Look Good

So instead of your co-workers making you feel less motivated or have a lower level of morale, use their laziness against them to make you look good.  If you notice that your boss told an associate that they were supposed to do something and they have not done it for quite sometime and were told once more by the boss to complete the task given to them, then step in and do it yourself.  Do it when the boss isn’t around, because he or she may think you are just trying to impress them.  When your boss comes to you they may think that, Oh great, this employee that did the other lazy co-workers job is going to tell me to fire the other employee, their lazy, yada, yada, yada.  You approach your boss and state that you noticed that this job wasn’t done and that you did it yourself, then state something similar to this, It looks good, don’t you think boss?  Hey how’s your day going boss? (really throwing a curve ball at the boss and simultaneously sparking a conversation).  He or she is already in a great mood because the job was done AND you didn’t make remarks or complain, but wanted to just talk about the boss’s life, their day etc..  Your boss will remember that AND she or he will remember YOU.

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