Does Management Equal Babysitting

I know that the title seems a bit rude but I feel comfortable stating that not many but a good amount of managers have felt like they were just babysitting their associates.

Associates getting in fights, crying in the office, acting selfish, starting childish rumors, etc..

So what is a manager to do?

Is the manager just going to go day by day and be the fire extinguisher to all of these issues?

Short Answer: YES.

As a manager you have to take control of the situation(s) at hand.  This doesn’t mean taking control of your associates.

A manager has to look at his people and if he/she sees that their are certain people that are hindering the process of daily job activities, then the manager must step in and stop or remove the employee or employees that are causing the issue(s).

A manager that does this will promote a calm environment, promote innovative employees and have less turnover.  All in all raising morale in the workplace.

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