Dealing with a Micro Manager

Do this, then after you’re done with that do this, oh and don’t forget to do that… Let me show you how to sweep, how to walk, how to breathe…

Dealing with a micro manager is tough and extremely frustrating.  Micro Managers make you feel as thought you are incompetent and feel as though the boss does not trust you.  There is little or no argument that dealing with a micro manager lowers employee morale.

Many employees will not even tolerate dealing with a manager that cannot leave their employees alone to leave them to their job duties.  Although few employees may have earned this extra attention due to their prior mistakes or incompetence.

There are ways for an employee to deal with a micro manager:


The employee needs to speak there mind and tell the manager that what they are doing is not okay and most of the time the manager did not realize that they were acting in such a way.  The manager may respond with: I didn’t know I was acting like that, I am just so stressed ensuring that the project gets done.

Human Resources

If you are too afraid to confront your manager you can always go to your human resources department and tell them everything that is going on with your manager and how it is affecting work and your morale.


Sometimes it helps if you talk to other coworkers about your situation and you may find out that your coworkers are also experiencing similar issues with the manager.  Your coworkers and yourself, as a group, together can have a talk with your manager and maybe by having a meeting with your manager, with everyone there, the manager may recognize that it is a big issue and also make it easier on yourself since you’re not alone.

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