Creating Innovative Employees – Obstacles

Creating innovative employees, is that possible?  Wouldn’t it be the best to be able to hire employees and transform them into creative, innovative and passionate employees.  Of course it would, but is the reality?

I answer, Yes!

Why can’t leaders or managers be able to bring in employees that are not innovative and train them to become innovative?  What is the essence of being innovative anyways?  Well my definition of being innovative is the act of creating new life, new perspective on a new or old idea.

To me innovation is not too difficult to achieve.  How many times have you changed something in daily life that help yourself, others or both?

The issues of taking on the feat of transforming your non-innovative employees into innovative ones are as follows:

1. Where to begin?

2. Creating a plan.

3. Presenting your plan in such a way that your listeners will hang on your every word.

4. Will middle management continue with your vision of self-sufficient innovative employees?

5. How to ensure that the innovative fuel does not die down?

These are some of the greatest issues that a leader or manager will experience if they decide to try to transform the culture of their organization into an innovative one.  As the manager or leader, ensure that you yourself do not get thrown off the path of innovation, because doing so will become a compounding issue with your employees following suit.

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