Causes of Low Employee Morale

There can be a multiple of reasons why a company, organization, or even a small office could be experiencing low morale from its employees or members.  Many of the issues can be dealt with as a direct supervisor, manager or chief and many of them could be out of their hands.Causes of Low Morale

Aspects that could lead to employees having low morale are listed as follows:

  • Communication

The lack of communication among employees and employees with their supervisors could lead to many employees and even supervisors with a low level of morale.  Everyone feels much better of themselves if they feel as though their ideas and opinions matter AND are heard.  This may lead various employees to feel as though their ideas are not heard and that they are not considered as a sufficient member in the group.  Poor communication is one of the greatest reasons why employees become less efficient and effective in their daily tasks.

  • Micro-Management

“Here, let me do it and show you how it’s done.”  No matter how many times you hear this from your boss, it will make your teeth grind.  micro-managing is one of the biggest triggers to why employees have such low morale.  Many supervisors that are notoriously called Micro-managers typically have issues with delegation and in some cases trust.  Imagine how an employee feels when their boss is constantly micro-managing their every move, now imagine if that employee feels as though every task they do they feel as though the boss doesn’t trust them.  This could become a big issue for the employee and their corresponding supervisor, since the employee may result in having low morale.

  • Under-Employed Employees

Mostly every employee wants to work at their full potential.  There are not many people willing do monotonous tasks, especially if they have a great amount of experience, education and are highly qualified to take on tasks that are more suited to their abilities.  If the current mundane job is holding an employee back from pursuing their real potential and skills, then those particular employees will think less of their jobs and in some cases less of themselves.  In the back of the employees mind, they will think to themselves on how they will become promoted or even receive simple awards for their daily job duties.  There aren’t many awards out there for people that lick envelopes all day long, worse job case scenario of course.

  • Layoffs

Every once and awhile employees will experience layoffs.  No one likes layoffs, no one even likes to utter the word layoffs.  Layoffs could promote low morale by taking away the sense of security the employee had while working at a particular job.  If there is word of a potential layoff, then employees may pay less attention to detail in their daily tasks, which results in more work related errors, increased stress, bad attitudes and mixed emotions.  Layoffs are another big contributor to employees experiencing low morale in the work place.

All of these factors also can help you understand what is a hostile work environment and what are the key signs, before low employee morale is reached.

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