Help a Low Morale Manager

Many people only think about themselves when it comes to morale issues.  Some people look around themselves and notice other employees morale issues.  A few look to their direct supervisor or even higher and noticed if they have morale issues.  A very slim few actually do something about the morale issues of their direct or higher supervisors or managers.

The following are things that you can do to help a low morale manager:

Notice Repetition

If the manager is repeating things that he wants to see done, such as an email at the the end of the day with a quick snap shot of what you did today or bringing in ideas to the meeting instead of the manager asking if there are any ideas then seeing a sea of eyes glazing.

By looking between the lines and seeing what the managers, maybe under breath, is stating that he/she would like to see or be done, will make the manager less stressed and hopefully in turn raise their morale.


You have to think from the viewpoint of the manager.  They know that their is a lot of things happening outside of their office and sometimes they may feel either left out or worse worry that things are getting done to standard.

One of the best ways to remedy this issue is by communicating key aspects of the daily business activities.  Carbon copying emails to your manager, dropping in about once a day to let them know how your day went and what opportunities that may still be present or future opportunities you may foresee.

Doing what others aren’t

A great way to help your manager’s morale and indirectly improve your manager’s perception of you is by doing what others are not doing.  If many employees are showing up late, ensure that you are early.  If many are not focusing on their tasks and frequently turning in assignments late, ensure you do the exact opposite.


A short list but a strong one.  It is not that difficult to help your manager’s morale level and in-turn create a great impression of yourself to your manager.

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Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last.

It is a great concept to think about.  Knowing that your boss letting you take your lunch first, ensuring you get the first fresh cups of coffee, helping with the endless phone calls, etc..

But how many managers, bosses or leaders actually eat last?

It is a shame that many leaders do not eat last, they do not let the employee leave a little early to help the employee if they have to get their children early from school, taking over some of the employee’s workload, etc..

Managers need to realize that their organization is only as strong as their weakest link.  Now, the manager doesn’t need to do their employees work for them, but when you, as a manager, notice that your employees are heavily burdened can do a few things to elevate that said burden.

The following are a few ideas of what a manager could do to help their employees:

1.  Recruit interns that can help with monotonous tasks.

2. Give employees one hour per week to purge out their business email account of old, non-important emails.

3. Give employees one hour per week to let them do what they perceive are their highest priority in the job, in order for them to catch up.

Reality Check

Managers cannot do everything for the employee, they might be extremely busy as well.  Great employees will recognize that fact and not prejudge their bosses if they couldn’t help with the overload amount of work that they have on their desk.  This article is for the employees that have managers that do not bring much to the table and still won’t help employees.

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Money Incentives for Employees

Throwing money at anything and everything is always the answer, right?

Money does solve many things.  It’s the Sales Cures All Effect.

Does that mean that you give out gift cards to your employees for every exceptional act they do, well that depends on you as a manager.  Do what you want, if you think that your employees deserve, then do it.  If it makes you happy and your employees happy, do it.

Pay Close Attention

Pay close attention to your employees that have received the gift card AND the employees that did not.  Were the employees that did not receive a gift card happy for the employee that did receive one or seem fake or have factitious reactions when they were celebratory towards the winning employee?

Again, pay close attention to your employees reactions after you tell them that they are going to receive a gift card.  Were they ecstatic, did their reaction seem over done, was it genuine, did you find the gift card sitting on their desk after they left work to go home, etc.?

Giving out monetary incentives could help you, as a manager or boss, gain important information on the morale, politics, mood and much more in your office or department.  Of course, giving out money incentives to your employees may raise the level of morale and motivation, but only for a temporary amount of time.

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Take notice of what your employees do for you

Managers and business owners have come to me in the past seeking advise and they all state similar scenarios: I don’t know why my employees are unmotivated?; Why does my company have such low morale?; etc. etc. etc..

KISS IT (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I tell them, Well do you acknowledge all of the work they do for you?

Typically the answer that I receive is No.

How else are employees going to build their self worth and self confidence if they feel that the work they do is not good enough, because that is how they feel when management does not acknowledge their hard work, especially if their work was well above standard.  Now I am not stating that your praise their work, but you at least tell the employee(s) that you noticed what they did and you appreciate it.

The Answer is Simple

Rather than dragging this article out, the answer is short and simple: Acknowledge your Employees.

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