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Welcome to Morale Boost.  

Browse through the website full of articles and tips on the topic of Morale and Motivation.  I take great interest in this topic and will be updated this website on a frequent basis.  Morale Boost is a Great Resource for anyone who wants to raise the morale in their surroundings and help discover direct or indirect causes of low morale.  Morale Boost has Flowcharts, Interactive Games and Relevant Blog posts on the subject of morale and motivation techniques and theory.


Low Morale Detected Diagram_1

Low Morale Detected Flowchart

Morale Boost is committed to analytically determining the various causes of low morale, the transition between low morale to high morale, physiological events and sub-events and much more.

Displaying flowcharts to demonstrate everyday and specific issues may aide managers or individuals that are in a directive position determine avenues of approach for how to negotiate issues in their perspective organizations, companies or offices.


Video Lectures

Interactive Morale and Motivation Games

Morale Monkey Fling

Morale Monkey Fling

There is a Great selection of Interactive games, that I have created, that focus on Morale and Motivation techniques, theories and training.  The games are fun and interactive, most games use the works of Physics, for example, one game will ask you questions on the steps you should take to help a low morale or low motivated employee transition into a high level of morale or high level of motivation employee.

The Game, Morale Monkey Fling –

The catch to the game is that the more incorrect answers you select, the more coconuts will fall into a basket. The player will have to start the game over when three (3) coconuts fall in the basket the monkey will be thrown in the air.

Alpha – Artificial Intelligent Employee

Alpha Artificial Intelligent Employee

Alpha Artificial Intelligent Employee

Alpha is an Artificial Intelligent Employee that I have coded and developed.  The program is geared to individuals, such as students, beginning managers and even top tier managers that would like to further develop their skills when it comes to employee’s experiences with low morale or low motivation.

There will be many events that you, the manager, need to help the employee, Alpha, that is going through various life-like issues, such as dealing with store wide layoffs and personal issues such as a death in the family and many other issues that could have a direct or indirect impact on the employee’s, Alpha, level of morale and level of motivation.

About Myself – Founder of MoraleBoost.org

My name is Moses M. Boyajian, M.A.M..


  • Military
  • Retail
  • Federal Government

I am a Disable American Veteran, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Army.

The Military is where I utilized all of the techniques that I have am continually perfecting in regards to Boosting Morale.


  • Master’s of Arts Degree in Management
    • Graduate School of Business and Management at National University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Admin with Concentration in Economics
    • Undergraduate School of Business and Management at National University

Bit of History about My Passion of Boosting Morale and Motivation

Ever since I could remember I loved the challenge of leading unmotivated and low morale group of individuals and transforming them into a efficient and solid team.  There is nothing else that gives me more gratification that witnessing that transformation cycle take place.


I am currently writing an eBook on my experiences of Boosting Morale in the military and how those actions relate to the civilian workplace (corporations, offices, retail and more).