5 Great Morale Boosters

One responsibility of managers is to find great morale boosters to improve employee morale in the workplace.  Many managers over look this aspect of being a effective manager and will find out that if they increase the level of morale that their office, non-profit or business will run more efficiently.

The five great morale boosters that managers and leaders could use in their workplace:

1. Creating Goals

As a manager you have to look at your employees and see which employees have certain skills more than others.  Every employee has a great skill that you can use to run a better workplace environment.  By assigning goals to individuals that possess the required skills that is needed to complete the goal(s) that were given to them, employees can actually finish the jobs given to them and feel great knowing that the goal set by them from their employer was met.  The employee gets a boost in morale and the employer gains solid work from their employees.

2. Give Praise

Everyone, including employees, love to receive praise and is a great morale booster.  As the manager you need to focus on employees that have worked over and beyond their set standard of job duties.  Be careful and ensure that the particular employee likes to receive open praise or if the particular employee would rather receive praise on a one on one basis.  Keeping in mind not to over do the amount of praise given to any single employee, if the manager gives too much praise to a single employee, some employees may become jealous and also giving too my praise may also make the employees feel as though the praise given isn’t worth much weight.


This might seem like a odd approach as a morale booster but it may be the best one of all.  If there is an employee that is causing many issues or an employee that has a very low level of morale and doesn’t care to be at work, these actions may disturb many other employees in the workplace.  Sometimes the best course of action is to terminate the employee that is causing issues in the workplace.  If not, then any kind of morale boosting techniques may be worthless and just become a temporary fix.

4. Massages

No, not the manager giving their employees massages, but contacting a local massage college to give free, real world experience massages to the employees.  The employees may appreciate to receive a short back massage, typically 15 minutes in duration, while they are sitting at their work chair.

5. Eat as a GroupMorale Boosters

When your employees take lunch break, as the manager take lunch break with your employees.  Managers should take lunch breaks and eat with their employees on a regular basis, not doing this frequently may cause confusion among the employees and cause them to have more stress.  When employees are on lunch they want to relax and if they feel like their every word is being heard by the manager they may become more stressed.  So if the manager eats lunch with their employees more frequently, employees may get used to their manager being present and naturally adjust the way they should act, creating less stress.  Having the manager take lunch with their employees will help raise morale because employees will feel as though the manager doesn’t think of themselves as being better than the regular employee.

If you have any questions on how to coordinate Morale Boosters in the work place please visit our Contact Us page.

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