3 Ways to stay upbeat as a Manager

Doing the same things everyday could get very boring and dull very quickly.  There are many aspects of most if not all managers that can become extremely monotonous.  Here are a five (5) ideas that may curve the boring out of your day to day job being a manager.

1. Create Accomplishment Milestones

Much like video games or smart phone/ tablet apps, receiving accomplishments is a great feeling.  Knowing that your hard work and dedication paid off in the form of set milestones.  Ideas of accomplishment milestones could be as follows:

– How fast you could read all your emails

– Complete all your daily tasks so you could leave work as close, if not on time, to your set time off

– Finish conducted meetings on time

The closer and closer you get to stick with the set time frames the better you are going to feel about yourself and your efficiency capabilities you set upon yourself.

2. Bring Joy to other people, ie your associates

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself and also have a feeling of wanting to go to work because you can’t wait to see the reactions of your associates.  Ideas that you could go for your place of business could be as follows:

– Bring in your own cultural food made from scratch

– Send out personalized emails about how much you appreciate your associates, not in a general sense, a personalized email for each associate.  Writing key aspects that you have noticed of said associate.  You never know, they may have thought you didn’t noticed the things you wrote in the email and think highly of you for acknowledging them.

3. Be Spontaneous

Just be spontaneous and creative.  Set a office meeting and when the meeting begins, tell the normal minute taker that you, the manager/boss, will take over the minutes.  Then tell everyone in the meeting that you have set this meeting to just talk about creative things that we could implement in the office, business or organization.

Doing spontaneous things, such as these creative meeting, may demonstrate to your employees that you are open minded and love to listen.

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