3 Reasons Why Morale comes before Motivating Employees

Motivation is merely a temporary fix, morale comes before motivating employees.  If you really think about it, how can you motivate employees?  Go into a huddle, everyone’s hands in the middle and on the count of three, yell a motivating phrase or word.  This doesn’t work, the office is not the Super Bowl.

Below is a list of why morale is more important than motivation.  Explaining why morale must come before attempts at motivation can be successful.

 1. Motivation is a Temporary Fix.

If a boss is successful at motivating their employees, typically that motivation that was gained is short lived.  What is motivation, telling someone to stand up and scream, “I’m a Winner!” over and over again till they loose their voices?  The employees may feel empowered for a little while but this emotion will wear off quite quickly.

Although improving employee morale may take longer to accomplish the longer duration of empowerment will most likely last longer, as well as the benefits that come with a high level of employee morale.

2. Cannot Motivate Employees if Employees have Low Morale.Motivating Employees 1

How can one start a car and drive without a set of tires?  I would love to see that but one thing for sure is that the car will not go very far and not run for very long.  This fits well with an employee with low morale and trying to motivating the employee.  If an employee’s morale is so low that their crawling, simply doing small motivation techniques will not do anything for the employee.

The manager, supervisor or leader needs to find the direct cause of the employee’s low morale and focus their attention on that faucet, then begin motivational techniques   Not the other way around.

3. Motivation without Morale

Granted many employees may be motivated with motivation techniques or motivation speakers that do not have a healthy level of morale.  Without having a high level of morale, the resources and time spent on motivation techniques will become a waste of time and money.

Motivation and Morale techniques should at least be utilized simultaneously  to receive the most optimal result.

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