Why do you hear important things last minute?

“Hey boss, remember that thing you wanted me to do, well I didn’t have enough time to do it.”  ….. Now you tell me…..

We all have heard it, from employees, from managers, from friends and from family as well.  Focusing on the workplace though, everyone has been told that something couldn’t get done or that they forgot to tell you something and brought it up last minute.

The following are a few tips on how to battle against procrastination of communication:

Time Management

Employees and managers need to consistently work on their time management skills.

Tips for Good Time Management

  • Creating Milestones
  • Open Communication with the team and/or boss
  • Saying No to unnecessary work requests
  • Stopping yourself and asking if what I am doing now is important to hit my milestones

Follow up

Following up isn’t just a manager’s job duty, it’s everyone’s job duty.  If you were in a team and were tasked to do a specific job, after sometime you should go to the other team members to see how far their progress has progressed to get a idea of the team’s overall progress.


If there are milestones that need to be reached so that certain goal can be hit, there needs to be communication, without communication, it is guaranteed that those set milestones will not be reached.

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Great Leaders and Managers Follow Up

One of the most important key tasks that a leader and manager must do to perform their jobs extremely well is also a task that is not done sufficiently, consistently or at all.

That is following up.

Sound Familiar

Many managers have experienced when they have tasked a to do list to employees, telling employees what to do, how to do it and when it should be completed; then come to find out after hours or days have past that nothing was completed or many things were half completed.

Following Up

KISS IT (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Following up is not rocket science, but it is something that most managers do not do or do incorrectly.

The Simple Formula to Following Up

Simply just ask the employee how their progress is going.  If they are demonstrating that they are on target, give feedback and continue to direct efforts to the overall goal.

If they are not on target, first ask why, then coach the employee(s) on what should be done the next time they get off track and remind the employee(s) that they have your full support.  If the employee(s) continues to get off track, then documentation may be needed.

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