Have you told your Boss or Manager Thank You?

How often have you told your boss or manager thank you?  Once a month, once a week, once a day or ever?

For the sake of argument, let us say that generally employees would like to hear the phrase, Thank You, from their boss from time to time.  How many times have you had a coworker state that they are frustrated because they worked really hard the other day and that the manager didn’t even say thank you.

Almost every employee states that they do not hear thank you enough, but have you ever thought of how many times you or others have genuinely told you boss or manager thank you?

I am not talking about your boss giving you your copies that you forgot on the copier machine or opening the door for you and you say a quick thank you.  I am talking about your boss doing things that you are not aware of such as redoing a schedule so you can spend more time with your family, getting to work before anyone else to ensure that the heater or air conditioner is on and running and that their a fresh brew of coffee started so when you get to work everything is as most comfortable as they can be.

Its How you Say it

Telling your boss or manager thank you sometimes not as effective as the way you say it.

Boss, I just want to tell you that I notice the things you do in the morning AND I also notice how many people overlook this and don’t say thank you and those people are so used to you doing all of these things for us in the morning that when or if you stop doing it then they will notice how much you do for them.  It is just unfortunate that they don’t notice your hard work, you must wake up so much earlier than us to ensure that you can make this office the most comfortable as it could be.  I just want you to know that I do notice and I am very gracious of what you do for all of us.

Typical Results

Let me tell you, your boss will not expect a response to their morning routine actions such as this.  What you told them will hang on to them for days or weeks to come or even longer.  They will most likely think of you or what you said fondly from time to time.  When your boss thinks of what you told them while they are frustrated with something else, so they can calm themselves down to help them remember what their employee’s think of her/him, you will be on the boss’s eye more often.  This could help with future promotions, a better office or simply a happier, higher morale boss (who wouldn’t like that last one).

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Managers with Anxiety

For many workers, doing your daily job tasks is difficult enough, but to add a manager that has an anxiety issue compounds on those issues.

When you know you have a manager with an anxiety issue:

– Always anxious

– Always worried

– Has to have the last word

– Gets startled easily

– Micro Manages

If you notice that your manager has these symptoms, run away… just kidding or maybe not…

Managers that have these types of issues, if it is not a medical or mental problem, feel as though they have too much on their plates.  Some may also be non-adept to be a manager.  Most managers that have this issue have poor time management skills as well, which makes them even more anxious since they are procrastinating.

If you, as an employee, are a type of person that likes to help people, then here are a few tips to use to help your anxious manager or boss:

– Prove to your boss or manager that you can handle your job and more.

– Take some of the burden off your manager’s hands, if there is an email that needs to be sent out, but the manager needs to find information to create the email, look for the information and give it to them.

– Simply tell the manager to keep calm and everything is going to be okay and that you have my support.

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Dealing with a Micro Manager

Do this, then after you’re done with that do this, oh and don’t forget to do that… Let me show you how to sweep, how to walk, how to breathe…

Dealing with a micro manager is tough and extremely frustrating.  Micro Managers make you feel as thought you are incompetent and feel as though the boss does not trust you.  There is little or no argument that dealing with a micro manager lowers employee morale.

Many employees will not even tolerate dealing with a manager that cannot leave their employees alone to leave them to their job duties.  Although few employees may have earned this extra attention due to their prior mistakes or incompetence.

There are ways for an employee to deal with a micro manager:


The employee needs to speak there mind and tell the manager that what they are doing is not okay and most of the time the manager did not realize that they were acting in such a way.  The manager may respond with: I didn’t know I was acting like that, I am just so stressed ensuring that the project gets done.

Human Resources

If you are too afraid to confront your manager you can always go to your human resources department and tell them everything that is going on with your manager and how it is affecting work and your morale.


Sometimes it helps if you talk to other coworkers about your situation and you may find out that your coworkers are also experiencing similar issues with the manager.  Your coworkers and yourself, as a group, together can have a talk with your manager and maybe by having a meeting with your manager, with everyone there, the manager may recognize that it is a big issue and also make it easier on yourself since you’re not alone.

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