11 Ways on How to Motivate Employees

Here is a great list on ways on how to motivate employees in your organization.

1. Active Listening. 

Employees will most likely experiences of sense of low morale or motivation if their boss is not actively listening to what they are saying.

2. Be Open and Easy to go to.

No one wants to have a boss or a manager that is difficult to confront or speak freely to.

3. Recognition.

Virtually everyone loves to receive recognition for the good work they have done.  If you are the manager in your organization, ensure that you do recognize the work of your staff.

4. Set an Example.

You, as the manager, needs to the set the right attitude in the office.  If management is in a bad mood, then most likely this may spread to the staff.  As a manager be as cheerful as you can be and keep your personal frustrations at home.

5. No Favoritism.

As a manager, do not only look at your favorite or star employees, you may be missing some very productive staff members.  Plus, staff will notice when management focus on one or a few particular employees, great motivation killer.

6. Don’t Focus on Small Flaws.

If you have a few employees that are consistently tardy by a 5 to 10 minutes but are otherwise amazing workers and consistently produce over and beyond their stated job duties, it would then be best if the management team ease off of these employees and not bother them (too much) on their tardiness or any other small infraction.

7. Reward, Reward and Reward.

Set goals for staff members and if those goals are met reward them.  The reward does not have to be expensive, it could even be their name and what goal they achieved and framed on the wall for a certain time period.

8. Don’t avoid problems in the workplace.

If their is an individual that is causing issues in the workplace, ensure that you speak with the individual and let them know what the issue is and give advice on how it can be corrected.  Also, let the employee know something that they have done correctly and well, so that they do not feel that they are singled out.  If the employee does not correct their issues and those issues are effecting the workplace, then termination may be the next resort.

9. Communicate.

Not only should management communicate with staff, staff members as well should be able to feel as though they can communicate with any of their coworkers.  A great idea is to create a meeting and do a round table, go around to each individual and ask for their input.  To ensure that they will feel more comfortable next meeting, after the employee states their thoughts in the meeting light praise the employee for their input and/or ideas.

10. The Big Picture and Where do you Fit in.

Management should ensure they their staff understand the company’s goals and mission. Employees will appreciate their job duties more if they know and realize that what they are doing really does matter and contributes to the overall success of the organization or company.

11. Celebrate Creativity, even if the Idea Failed.

Risk is one of the main avenues big things happen or not happen.  If your employees have an idea or you as a manager yourself, pursue that idea.  Creative ideas are a great way to motivate employees to continue working.  Even if the creative idea didn’t work, celebrate with you staff on how great of job they did and create a meeting focused on the knowledge that was gained while doing this creative idea and use that knowledge to other projects that your organization may have.

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